The Anthony Wayne High School Majorettes represent the Marching Generals and accentuate the band with their baton twirling capabilities. The Majorette program at AWHS is aimed to cultivate the twirler's talents while growing them in the sport of baton twirling. Many of our twirlers go on to become college majorettes at prestigious schools across the country! All Majorettes are held to the same standards as the Marching Generals and agree to the Majorette Constitution which can be found below. Professional dance and baton lessons are highly encouraged to ensure the growth and development of each twirler and the program. Annual tryouts take place in May.

Inquiries Can Be Directed to:

Ashlee Flores, Majorette Coach

The AWHS Majorettes are led by Coach, Ashlee Flores, who is a local to Whitehouse. Ashlee was a competitive baton twirler for 20+ years with the Sophisticates, Ltd, and twirled for St. Johns Jesuit High School (2006-2010), The University of Toledo (2010-2013) and The University of Michigan (2013-2015). She is committed to growing and developing the Majorette program and prepare majorettes for college-level twirling.

The 2024 Majorettes!

Abby Polesovsky, Junior

Dalia Shordt, Sophmore

If you're interested in pursuing the sport of baton with the AWHS Majorettes, we recommend you begin developing the skill now!

Professional Dance Resources:

The Dance Centre of NW Ohio 

Professional Twirling Resources:

The Sophisticates Ltd. 

Professional Gymnastics Resources:

New Heights 

YMCA Gymnastics