5th Grade Band Info

The bands at Anthony Wayne have a long tradition of helping students learn about music in a fun and interactive environment. This page is designed to share some basic info about band and the instruments that you can choose to start playing in 5th grade.

5th Grade Band is a class at Fallen Timbers Middle School that meets during the students' "Flex-Time."  Students who play in band don't miss any new instruction from their "regular" classwork.

Students who join band will learn new skills, make new friends, and begin a lifelong journey of EXPERIENCING music first hand.

5th Grade Band Parent Meeting:  Wednesday, September 20th at 6:30pm in the Fallen Timbers Cafeteria

Why Join Band?

Learn About the Different Band Instruments

For more info visit Be Part of the Band (external)

FAQs about 5th grade band at Fallen Timbers Middle School

Signing up for Band

When does band start?

Here is the timeline for the start of 5th grade band this year:

How do I officially “SIGN-UP” for 5th grade band?

There will be a new google form for you to fill out after your student completes an instrument fitting.
If I sign up for 5th grade band now, am I committing to playing for the full year?
5th grade band is a year-long activity and it takes an entire year for students to get the full experience of playing an instrument in band. The vast majority of students will play all the way through 5th grade and beyond. However, in some special circumstances, after discussion between parents, director, and the FT principal students have withdrawn mid-year. 
Can I change instruments mid-year if I change my mind about what I want to play?
Instrument changes must be approved by the director ahead of time and the student will be expected to work independently outside of class to get caught up on the new instrument. 

Finding an instrument or materials for band

How do I obtain a NEW instrument?

Most of our 5th grade band students obtain an instrument from Rettig Music through their rent-to-own program. There are other music stores in the area and online that sell instruments, but only certain brands of instruments are recommended…

Flutes: Gemeinhardt , Pearl, Yamaha; Clarinet: Selmer, LeBlanc, Vito, Yamaha; Saxophone: Selmer, Yamaha; Trumpets and Trombones: Bach, King, Yamaha, Eastman; Baritones: Jupiter, Yamaha, Eastman; Percussion: Pearl, Ludwig.

Parents should be especially careful when buying an instrument on-line. There are many brands of LOW QUALITY instruments that are sold cheaply and WILL BREAK during normal use. Cheap instruments are usually not able to be repaired and may result in a total loss. Please don’t assume that a “Five-Star” rating online means that the instrument will hold up to daily use over the course of several years. Check with Mr. Ladd, (aladd@anthonywayneschools.org) if you are thinking about buying an instrument that is NOT one of the brands listed above.

My family already owns an instrument, can I use a pre-owned instrument?
Yes. The band directors or Rettig Music can inspect a pre-owned instrument to make sure that it will work well for a new 5th grade student. Repairs may be recommended and should be completed before the lessons start up during the school day. 
If I order an instrument now, when will I receive it and start to play?
Instruments that are ordered through Rettig music will be delivered to Fallen Timbers in the days before our first lesson at school. Students will receive their instrument and book at the first practice during school. Students will be allowed to take their instrument home after their first lesson at school. 
What materials do I need in order to participate in band?
All students will need an instrument and a “Traditions of Excellence” method book and a 3-ring binder to organize loose music. 1/2inch binder is perfect.
In addition, instruments have their own unique needs…

Does the school have instruments that students can rent?
The school has a very limited number of LARGE instruments (trombones, euphoniums, and tubas) that are reserved for those students who are unable to transport their instrument back and forth to school on the bus. The school does not rent out Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones, or Trumpets. 
The school does have bell sets that percussion students can take home and use for practicing. A one time, $40 instrument fee will be collected for those students who choose to use a school owned bell set at home.

How band at school will work

What are the time commitments for 5th grade band?
5th Grade band takes place almost entirely during the school day. At the beginning of the year students will have band once each week during their “Flex-Time".  Once we get a bit further into the year, students will have band twice each week during flex.
Will the 5th Grade Band perform at concerts?
Yes! The 5th grade band will perform at least 2 concerts after school throughout the year. These concerts are a fun way for the students to showcase what they have learned in band. The specific dates and times for the concerts will be shared with students once rehearsals begin at school.
How much will I need to practice outside of class?
The amount of practice that each student needs will vary. Each student is unique and will learn at a different pace. The recommended practice time is 1/2 hour, 5 times per week. This time can be spent practicing songs from the method book, learning scales / fundamentals, working on sheet music from band class, or playing other music that the student finds interesting. Practice time is not recorded or graded in 5th grade band at AW, but the most successful students will have a structured practice time that parents will help reinforce. 
Can I be in band if I play a sport?
YES!  Band rehearsals take place during the school day and do not conflict with after school activities.